Do you have a preference when dating/ relationships? Are your preferences limiting you or possibly keeping you single? Tune in as the discussion cente...View Details

This episode discusses the raw truth about trying to date and manage a relationship while being a single parent. The challenges and issues are discuss...View Details

Good sex and a healthy, happy vagina!Let's have the conversation about the under-representation of the vagina in alot of female's hygiene regimen. The...View Details

In this episode, the discussion is centered around relationships in trouble. Acknowledging the signs that point to a serious issue of the love fading ...View Details

Bedroom Mania! Energizing and romanticizing your bedroom to improve your sex life.  This episode talks about creating the ultimate ambiance for your b...View Details

Podcast Edition* Has one of your ex's been hitting you up? Looked you up on social media? Called or texted you out of the blue? Have you allowed your ...View Details

Have you ever had a relationship to end abruptly without any sound reason? Have you ever been dumped and then found out later, shortly thereafter they...View Details

Is your relationship in a crisis? Are you fully aware that your things are not good between you and your love? Do you want to save your relationship? ...View Details

***Disclaimer*** This episode has some glitches in the recording. My humblest apologies as I continue to tweek my equipment and fine tune some it! The...View Details

In this episode, The discussion is begins with the men discussing their reg flags and why they exit the relationship once the signs are there. Questi...View Details

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