This episode is only for the grown and sexy! The Diva talks about new beginnings, getting your groove back, and the no-so- happy endings.  Does the lo...View Details

My apologies for the rollercoaster music/ noise levels. The adjustments will be made moving forward.

DivaSpeaks Relationships is THE hottest, Podcast...View Details

What are the side effects to being out of alignment with God's will for your relationship look like? Have you noticed a shift in your marriage, change...View Details

Fan Favorite Alert!!!!!!!!!!!! Truth Tea on Board... This episode to present date has the highest number of private inbox chats to present date. Take ...View Details

The Revisit and the Reboot!!! Let's take a look back at this fan favorite:) Women taking accountability for their role in the demise of a relationship...View Details

Tune into this Super Sunday Soul Food & Soulful edition. There discussion takes place after the head on collision in your relationship has happene...View Details

Are you in a season of discouragement thinking marriage will not happen for you? Have you tried everything within your will to be happy with being sin...View Details

DivaSpeaks Relationships is THE hottest, sexy Relationship Podcast AND Local broadcast television show in Charlotte NC‼️ Subscribe to the podcast 🔥 AN...View Details

Let’s go deeper and talk about dysfunction on your part in your relationship! What used to be an asset, a means to cope or survive is now killing you...View Details

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